2015 CSDA Public Speaking Competition

Ebony and Nic

On Friday 27 February the CSDA Public Speaking competition began. The first Round, held on the Junior Campus, involved 11 schools and 120 speakers.

The following students competed in Round 1:

Year 7:       Anok Angok and Sonali Singh

Year 8:       Ebony O'Connor and Lachlan Sibir

Year 9:       Nicolas Menouhos

Year 10:     Nicholas Carroll and Abigail Garcia

Senior:      Grace Boniba, Shamjutha Vashanthan,

                Katrina Quizon and Jonathan Cabinet

All students should be congratulated on their fantastic Public Speaking skills.

Ebony O'Connor, Nicholas Carroll and Grace Boniba competed in the Zone Final on Friday 6th March at Mary Mackillop, Wakeley.

It was a very tough competition with so many intelligent, creative and well-spoken students from all schools presenting their speeches to the panel of adjudicators.

Our students performed to the best to their abilities and Ebony O'Connor and Nicholas Carroll were chosen to go through to the Grand Final, which was held at Christian Brothers High School, Lewisham. All three students represented the College well and should be congratulated on their achievement.

The competition was at a very high standard with the top 12 students in each division from Catholic Schools across Sydney. Over 600 students competed in the Competition in Round 1, so it was an amazing achievement for all students to have made it to the Grand Final.

Ebony and Nicholas

Ebony was awarded First Place in Year 8. Ebony is to be commended for her fantastic, engaging delivery and intelligent speech. 

Although Nicholas was not awarded a place, on the night he delivered his best speech in the competition and should be commended highly for his excellent public speaking. Nicholas was congratulated by the adjudicators for his creative and poetic writing style and his smooth delivery. 

Both students represented St Andrews College extremely well and should be congratulated on their outstanding achievement. 

A big thank you goes to Mr Travis Kolek for acting as our adjudicator throughout the competition and to Mr Nic Vidot, Ms Lyndal Simmonds, Mrs Anita Weaver, Mr Nathan Weaver, Ms Andrea Mansfield, Ms Jessica Bisazza, Mr Andrew Kuchappan and Mr John Morrissey for showing their support. 

Along with our wonderful Public Speakers there were many students who supported and took part in the first round of the competition. 

The following students were chairpersons, timekeepers and food servers:

Year 8:       Nyanjur Aguek, Jimone Schmidt, Stephen Egalla, Andrew Girgis,

                 Bianca Booth-Watkins and Joshua Garland

Year 9:       Nupur Makwana

Year 10:     Mikie Mouxouris, Isis Martinez, Ysabelle Garcia and Jonathan Koong

Year 11:     Jessica Hostiadi

Year 12:     Andrew Knox, Sean Gerhig, Loujunior Go, Catherine Sukkar,

                 Kathleen Bridge, Jennifer Nieto and Andre Nasser

There were many staff and students who worked very hard after school to set up rooms for competitors and guests. This is a big job and a major help to the success of the night. A big thank you goes to all these staff and students.

All students need to be congratulated on their involvement in the competition as many teachers and parents from the visiting schools commented on their behaviour, enthusiasm and friendliness.