2015 HSC Students Achieve Great Results

ATAR Dux 2nd and 3rd

The first Senior Campus Assembly held on Friday the 12th of February celebrated the outstanding 2015 HSC results.

Twelve St Andrews College students achieved an ATAR of over 90. Our ATAR Dux Joanna Chapko achieved an ATAR of 98.10, ATAR 2nd Place Alexia Newsome achieved an ATAR of 96.90, ATAR 3rd Place Shannon Dias achieved an ATAR of 96.00. Shannon also achieved 10th place in the State for Design and Technology.

90 and Above ATARs

The following students all achieved ATARs above 90: Nicole Cadelina; Eden Corbett; Shaurya Issar; Aaron O’Callaghan; Bianca Raviraj; Andrew Santoso; Atchaya Senthilkumar; Kanwalnoor Singh and Candace Sy.

Twenty-one students were listed on the 2015 HSC Distinguished Achievers List for achieving Band 6 in a course of study or a Band E4 in an extension course. In 2015 these students collectively achieved 44 Band 6 or Band E4 results.

Distinguished Achievers 2015

Our 2015 HSC Distinguished Achievers were:

Nicole Cadelina                  
Music and 
Visual Arts

Joanna Chapko                  
Business Studies, English Advanced, Modern History, History Extension and Studies of Religion II

Eden Corbett                     
Modern History and Society and Culture

Jason Depamaylo          
Mathematics General 2 and Senior Science

Danielle Derecho               
Studies of Religion I

Shannon Dias                  
Design and Technology, Geography and Studies of Religion I

Kristina Drvenkar              Design and Technology

Joshua Hostiadi                 
Studies of Religion I

Madelaine Hudson            
Mathematics General 2

Reina Iligan                        
Studies of Religion II

Shaurya Issar                    
Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1 and Physics

Edenne Mesa                     

Alexia Newsome                
English Advanced, English Extension 1, Modern History, Studies of Religion II and Visual Arts

Aaron O’Callaghan                Design and Technology and Mathematics

Bianca Raviraj                   Design and Technology, Mathematics, Studies of Religion I and Visual Arts

Alden Sangalang                
Society and Culture

Liezel Santos                    

Andrew Santoso                
Mathematics Extension I and Studies of Religion I

Atchaya Senthilkumar        
Studies of Religion I

Kanawlnoor Singh            
Engineering Studies and Mathematics

Candace Sy                      
English Advanced, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education and Studies of Religion II

Joanna Chapko and Alexia Newsome encouraged our current Year 12 and Year 11 students to be organised and well prepared.

"The HSC is an internal battle of how you cope against the pressure and how you learn to forgive yourself", says Joanna. She believes that you do this by acknowledging the bad, embracing the good and moving on.

The College Leadership Team extends their congratulations to the students and commends the teachers who mentored them along the way.

"Our students' outstanding achievements are the result of engaged teaching and high self motivation", said Mr Nic Vidot, College Principal. "Each student has enhanced their outcomes through participation in the full life of the College., Congratulations!"

Therese May
College Careers Adviser