2016 College Cross Country Competition

Cross Country Photo 1

The St Andrews College Cross Country Competition took place on, a warm, Wednesday 23rd of March.

A small but competitive field gathered after recess. The 78 students competed to make their way to the PDSSSC Cross Country Carnival next term.

Bennelong House made the greatest contribution to the House Cup with 32 competitors.

A big thank you to the staff who assisted on the day, especially Miss Knezevic who helped with set-up early in the morning.

Well done to all students, Mr Gillogly wishes them all the best when they represent St Andrews College at the PDSSSC Cross Country Carnival.

Cross Country Photo 2

Age Champions

12 Year Girls      12 Year Boys
‚Äč1st - Mercy Yosia-Edward 1st - Edward Vito
2nd - Georgia Green

13 Year Girls      13 Year Boys
1st - Ebeny Manassah 1st - Matthew Martignago
2nd - Stephanie Out 2nd - Abiatara Peter
3rd - Christine Mbora 3rd - Vinaal Lal
4th - Allyssa Jose 4th - Marcus Rogas
5th - Achol Thouc 5th - Nathaniel Sicat

Cross Country Photo 3

14 Year Girls      14 Year Boys
1st - Claudia Estrada 1st - Baran Ates
2nd - Nabila Lukasa 2nd - Isaiah Lazara
3rd - Jessica Hilton 3rd - Issac Gundi
4th - Hushiti Rakar 4th - Aletheo Hartono
5th - Jasmine Swift 5th - Luke Kalagiera

15 Year Girls      15 Year Boys
1st - Jemma France 1st - Freddy Tamanika
2nd - Ruth Okot 2nd - Tigran Tavmasian
3rd - Erika Abella 3rd - Noah Buhagar
4th - Chloe Riley 4th - Julian Martignago
5th - Hayden Lucas

Cross Country Photo 4

16 Year Girls      16 Year Boys
1st - Kaley Jarrett 1st - Martin Milazzo
2nd - Sarafina Yosia-Edward   2nd - Nabil Fadlalla
3rd - Anger Makog 3rd - Nicholas Gerghty
4th - Nataliya Tamanika 4th - Josh Aquilina

17 Year Girls       18 Year Girls 
1st - Amy France 1st - Emma Mulholland
2nd - Tayla Deverell

Cross Country Photo 5

18 Year Boys              19 Year Boys
1st - Patrick Estrada    1st - Ellien Fadlalla
2nd - Mach Manassah
3rd - Robert Milazzo
4th - Daniel Gerghty

Cross Country Photo 6