2016 PDSSSC Swimming Carnival



PDSSSC Swimming Carnival Photo 1

Eleven students represented St Andrews College at the PDSSSC Swimming Carnival on Friday the 18th of March. They were: Scott Anshau, Jayan Easton, Andrew Easton, Georgia Green, Oscar Housego, William Lu, Marvin Mateo, Michael Mateo, Ashley Naing, Stephanie Out, Jason Taylor and Daniel Taylor.

The students found the competition a step up with most other competitors training every day. Our students gave it their best and fought hard in every race with several swimmers winning their heat.

PDSSSC Swimming Carnival Photo 2

A special mention goes to Jayan Easton and Scott Anshau who progressed through to the NSWCCC Carnival, which will take place on Friday the 29th of April.

Also, a big thank you goes to the parents who gave up their time to support their son or daughter as well as the students from St Andrews College.