Australian Mathematics Competition 2015

Mathematics Competition

Early in Term 3, 12 senior students entered the Australian Mathematics Competition.

They competed in the senior level of the competition. This exam is very challenging and focuses on problem solving type questions.

It was pleasing to see several Year 12 students enter as the competition is held during the first week of their HSC Trial Exams.

The following students are to be congratulated for their fine efforts, their courage to step out of their comfort zones and for their achievement.

Credit Certificates were received by:
Year 11

Jerome Billedo
Emma Mulholland

Proficiency Certificates were received by:
Year 12

Danielle Derecho
Vincent Yuliardhyanto

Year 11
Maria Alemao
Ralph Domingo
Zachary Petrini
Shamjutha Vashanthan

Participation Certificates were received by:
Year 12

Sean Gehrig

Year 11
Denisse Candelaria
Jeremiah Slan
Dion Tadros

Tracey Thomson
Leader of Learning Mathematics
Senior Campus