B2's Cupcake and Pink Lemonade Stall

B2 Cupcake Stall

On Thursday the 19th March, learning group B2 held a Cupcake and Pink Lemonade stall organised by Miss Pett, Mrs Bradford and the students.

Miss Pett worked really hard on the cupcakes the night before; she made heaps of batches incase the class forgot, but on the day of the stall, more than half the class turned up with cupcakes which was really pleasing to our teachers. 

B2 Cupcake Stall Photo 2

Everyone helped with setting up and packing up which showed good teamwork and support. The stall itself was supposed to be held at recess, but we continued through lunch and after sport as well. It was probably the biggest success after sport because everyone was hot and wanted to buy the pink lemonade.

It looked amazing, and tasted amazing too. Miss Pett really did a great job.  It was a busy day, but it was worth it knowing the money raised would be supporting Project Compassion. Heaps of thanks to Mrs Bradford and Miss Pett, the stall would not have been possible without them. In the end we earned $376.15 for Project Compassion, which was a huge success. Thank you St Andrews College for all of your support!