Blacktown City Parade

Blacktown Parade Photo 1

On the 30th of May, Year 7, Student Leaders and staff marched in the Blacktown City Parade. It was a real demonstration of our presence in the Blacktown community as a school.

Blacktown Parade Photo 2

In accordance with tradition, Year 7 students were the feature of the St Andrews College contingent and they generously sacrificed their Saturday to walk the streets of Blacktown in faithful pride of the College, they now call home. It's still so extraordinary to see students who only began attending St Andrews College this year be so content in their school, and feel no hesitation in marching as members of its community; a great sight to see indeed. 

Blacktown Parade Photo 3

As most know, our school community is composed of a broad range of backgrounds, and the College showcased its multiculturalism to the public with students carrying national flags from countries all over the world as they paraded. Leading the College, was the College banner, and the Leaders of the College— College and School Captains, SRC and House Captains. Following our School Leaders were of course the Year 7 cohort. The College looked smashing, clothed in complete winter uniform as they paraded through Main Street, their flags flying and their smiles glowing. The students looked not upon their attendance as a chore, but rather an opportunity to express their delight in being part of a great College. 

Blacktown Parade Photo 4

Everyone enjoyed the community event, students and teachers alike, and this joy is what made the day such a wonderful occasion. However the day wouldn't have gone so smoothly without the tremendous effort put into the planning and organisation of this College event, particularly that of Mrs Sobiesiak, who dedicated a great deal of her time to it. With that being acknowledged, the event wouldn't have even been possible without the attendance of the students, and the direction offered by the teachers. All in all, it was a splendid event that strengthened the bonds between the College and the greater community of Blacktown.