Business Services Student Triumphs at Awards for Excellence

BREED VET Awards Photo 1

“Honoured, amazing and simply fantastic!” – that’s how 16 year old Chanae Ince describes her success, winning both the Outstanding Achievement in Business Services Award and Vocational Education and Training (VET) Student of the Year.

Stephen Bali, Mayor of Blacktown City supported Chanae’s feelings by saying “Chanae stands here as a solid example of how remarkable VET students in the BREED Work Placement Program are and I commend her for her confidence and initiative.”

Chanae was honoured at the BREED Awards for Excellence, which was held on 11 November at the Civic Centre, Bowman Hall, Blacktown recognising her exceptional accomplishments in Business Services and in VET. The BREED Awards for Excellence recognise outstanding students between 15 and 24 years of age who are studying a vocational qualification and also undertake work in a specialised industry.

BREED VET Awards Photo 2

St Andrews College congratulates Chanae on her achievements.

"The VET staff of St Andrews College focus on providing high quality vocational education which continually proves to serve our students well," said Ms Becroft, Business Services Teacher.

The VET Student of the Year Award indicates that the student is the “Best of the Best” amongst their peers. This year, from 4,160 students, Chanae Ince was judged as BREED’s 2014 VET Student of the Year based on her skills, knowledge and capacity in the workplace.

Chanae also addressed employer representatives, school principals, the Mayor of Blactown City, Stephen Bali, Members of Parliament and Ed Husic and Michelle Rowland on behalf of all VET students in the region who participated in the work placement program in the past year. She also now acts as a role model and spokesperson for BREED.

Chanae works part-time for her host employer, Century 21 - North Western and continues to deepen her expertise and partnerships with local business. This experience will ‘value add’ to her path towards university education.

 “I’m extremely proud and privileged to have been part of such an incredible program made possible by St Andrews College and BREED.  Thank you to Mr Vidot, Ms Pereira and Ms Becroft and my host employer, Century 21 – North Western. I simply couldn’t have achieved this without such support and encouragement – success really is driven by yourself and those around you,” said Chanae Ince.

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