Chang wins the 2015 House Cup

Chang Flag

The final Merits have been processed and the count is in - Chang has won the 2015 House Cup! 

It was an exciting Assembly on the Junior Campus on Friday October 30, as 27 Principal's Awards were presented. Bennelong, Frances and Gould had obviously been challenged to hand in their Merits, and it was clear that they had definitely gained valuable points to catch Chang - but in the end the lead from Chang was too great.

Congratulations to all students for the outstanding effort and hard work that has gone into receiving Merits in this year's competition.

Chang House Captains with House Cup

The House Cup Celebration Day is on Monday December 7, with the winning House going to Wet’n’Wild.

The final points are:
Bennelong - 27, 345
Chang - 38, 645
Frances - 29, 575
Gould - 23, 330

Congratulations Chang!

Mrs Sue Cooper
Leader of Learning Pastoral Care