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This Report should be entitled the Quiet Achievers as these students have always upheld  College expectations and been most humble in their accomplishments!

From the beginning of the year, these students have been practising in the Library each lunchtime and designed their own In-School Competition. I wish to thank Mr Aaron for his tremendous patience and skill for teaching these students how to play chess at such an elite competitive level.

Mr Aaron himself is a most quiet achiever and a teacher who sees the opportunity to increase students’ analytical skills in an environment that is co-operative, friendly and challenging. 

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Friday afternoon, of the 6th of May and Friday the 13th of May was the First and Second Rounds of the NSW JCL Secondary Schools Chess Teams Competition.  

All players showed immense concentration during the two rounds and been true gentlemen in both victory and defeat. A few quotes from the Team members show how much they enjoy the fierce competition:

“I am enjoying being Team Captain as it is a great opportunity to show leadership to the younger members. The rest of the Senior Team are wonderful players. “  Fatog Makog

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‘Baulkham Hills played well and my opponent was able to come up with exit strategies. Overall it was another great experience as it was my second game and first win! “ Darrmyen Deligero

“It was difficult but fun at the same time” Noel Maniti

“We are all excited about this year’s competition“

“How can we practise when we have so many assessment tasks’ cried one Intermediate Team member.

“All Teams have given their opponents a run for their money’ Mr Aaron

“I cannot believe Raushik has been intensely concentrating on the game for over two hours - without any afternoon tea!"

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I would also like to thank Mrs Becroft who provided encouraging support for the Team before the Competition began and took the photographs for prosperity. I also thank Mr McLaughlan, Mr Aaron and Mr Isaac for driving the Teams to the different venues when competition was away from home.

Until next time – your Chess Reporter for 2016 – Ms Blackwell 

The Junior Team

Kyrolos Ghannami

Anmol  Singh

Lucio Go

Philopater Shaker

Intermediate A Team

Hitik Ahuja

Chris Carpio

Unish Shrestha

Aman Singh

Intermediate B Team

Parminder Narain

Sehajdeep Singh

Angelo Reyes

Ethan Sibucao

Senior Team 

Fatog Making

Darrmyen Deligero

Angelo Pascoa

Raushik Chandra

Noel Maniti