Creative Arts Night 2016

CAN 2016 Photo 1

CAN 2016 had a record attendance of close to 2000 people. 

The outdoor festival spectacular was nothing short of amazing.

Inflatable vision screens, food trucks, stage truck, professional sound and lighting, student, staff and special guest acts, BAM BAM music sponsorship and fireworks to conclude. All this contributed to making the evening a true representation of a music industry festival environment.

Mr Chiappetta would like to extend a warm and appreciative thank you to all staff and students involved with making CAN 2016 a massive success.

CAN 2016 Photo 2

In particular, a special thanks goes to Mr Nic Vidot for his endless support of the Creative and Performing Arts at St Andrews College. Special thank you also to Ms Henri Stathopoulos and Ms Michelle Trefler for their superb mentoring of our VET Entertainment students and the VET Entertainment students from Caroline Chisholm College, Cerdon Catholic College, McCarthy Catholic College, St Dominics College and Xavier College. A big thank you to Ms Irene Pereira for her coordination of the VET competencies for the many students from across the diocese who were extremely thankful for the opportunity to work at CAN 2016.

Thank you to Mrs Melissa Welch and Ms Simone McKechnie for their logistics, administration and event management. Thank you also to Mr Michael McLoughlin and Mr Scott McLeod for the set up of the oval and help given with the construction of barriers and photo walls.

CAN 2016 Photo 3

The staff act has always been a highlight for the students, Mr Nicholas Miller, Mr Travis Kolek, Mr Javier Araujo and Mr James Aronis your enthusiasm in preparing and performing the staff act was greatly appreciated.

I invite all students to start thinking about auditioning for CAN 2017. Auditions will be held in mid Term 2 for the next CAN spectacular to be held on the last Tuesday in Term 2.

Mr Antonio Chiappetta
Leader of Learning - Creative and Performing Arts