Extraordinary Ministers

Extraordinary Minister

On the 8th of September, thirteen Year 11 students participated in a training session to become an Extraordinary Minister of Communion. We were privileged enough to be taught and assisted by Father Joby and Mrs Melki during the session.

We started off the day attending Mass to allow us, as a group, to experience the Eucharist. This gave us an example of how reverent and essential the role of an Extraordinary Minister is in aiding the Mass. After Mass all the students walked back to campus to learn more about the role with Father Joby joining us. I believe we all thought we would only learn about the process of an Extraordinary Minister however, what we learnt was beyond that.

Not only did we learn about the process to become a minister but also about the faith and history of the Church. We definitely learnt new things and aspects about Mass. One thing that stood out for me was how each action that the Priest undertook during Mass has a specific reason. As we listened to Father Joby and Mrs Melki, we realised that everything in the Mass has a purpose and that made the session even more relevant.

Understanding the role of an Extraordinary Minister was only one part; we needed to know how to act accordingly. As they say, you can't just talk the talk, you need to be able walk the walk too. At the start, we were all nervous with all the actions paired with the duty but we were soon able to focus on the task ahead. As we soon realised, there were a lot of aspects to consider whilst becoming an Extraordinary Minister; reverence, patience and respect to name only a few. Our actions needed to be paired with these traits accordingly to truly be an Extraordinary Minister.

Throughout the session, everyone was engrossed in the information Father Joby and Mrs Melki were teaching; as not everyday do we have the opportunity to experience and learn more about our faith. As Year 11 students, we are all very honoured to have the chance to become an Extraordinary Minister and thank both Father Joby and Mrs Melki for taking their time to teach us more about our faith.

Jessica Hostiadi