Girls Basketball 2015

Girls Basketball Photo 1

Throughout Term 4 St Andrews College competed in the PDSSSC Girls Basketball Competition. Going into this season, the girls had a degree of confidence, as they had been involved in a pre-season training program throughout Term 3. This program was run by Miss Cassandra Knezevic and developed the students' skills and knowledge of the game.

Throughout the competition the girls showed tremendous sportsmanship and talent as they participated to the best of their ability in each of the games. The Junior Girls team finished the season in 4th place and the Intermediate Girls finished in 3rd place.

The Junior Girls team consisted of the following Year 7 and 8 students: Kathryn Garcia, Michelle Fu, Robyn Chanco, Jerica Cabanit, Holly Pham, Hashwitaa Maynoor, Chloe Gebulan, Meryem Somnez, Sylvia Musel, Akur Johnson, Lauren De Mesa,and Crystal Sharma.

Girls Basketball Photo 2

The Intermediate Girls team consisted of the following Year 9 and 10 students: Larissa Isakov, Jan Vallar, Emily Badelles, Yom Deng, Elaine Gomez, Jamielhea Bernado, Isis Martierz, Guet Mac Acuek, Serena Phohiva, Kathleen Carrero, Raga Maragan and Isabella Hart.

The girls are to be commended for their outstanding representation of the College and their positivity and enthusiasm throughout the term. To be commended also are the two student coaches Jeremy Fernando and Mark Aringo, Isaac Gundi who used this experience to referee the games each week and Owen Calima for running the score table.

We look forward to participating in the PDSSSC competition next year and representing St Andrews College in future sporting endeavours.

Miss Emily Pett & Miss Jessica Bisazza