HSC Japanese Continuers Study Tips Workshop

Japanese Continuers Study Workshop

On Thursday the 18th of February, Ms Mizukami organised a special Japanese study workshop for us. She invited our Senpai (the upperclassmen) to visit the Japanese Continuers class: Mr Julian Abacan Luna, Mr Tristan Bongolan and Miss Emma Webb. They are past students of St Andrews College who also studied HSC Japanese Continuers. 

o study a subject like Japanese, it requires perseverance and passion. When the Senpai visited our class on the day, they kindly provided an insight to their study tips and time management to study HSC Japanese Continuers, but more importantly they revealed the source of their motivation. They gave a different perspective as they said, "To learn a language is like speaking the culture's soul." and with that, inspiration and motivation sprouted within us. 

Japanese Continuers Study Workshop Photo 2

Later on, the Senpai also kindly helped with preparation for the upcoming oral tests, which we always worry about a lot. In saying that, it didn't end there, the Senpai also selflessly offered to help us practice before the upcoming tests. 

Because of this, the current students of the Japanese class have a sense of subtle ease as new profound motivations were found and more sources are now available to us when needed. 

In saying that, as a student of the Japanese class I'm honoured and thankful to have such wonderful Senpai and teachers that willingly offer their time and effort. Now I know more good study techniques to assist me to learn Japanese better.

Nina Salvador  
Year 12 HSC Japanese Continuers