Japanese Exchange Student Culture Lesson

Japanese Culture Lesson Photo 1

On the 28th of July, the Year 10 Japanese elective class had the privilege of attending a cultural lesson lead by Japanese exchange students. These students, from Isahaya Commercial High School in Nagasaki, spent the lesson educating the class about many different aspects of typical Japanese life including geography, cuisine and entertainment.

Japanese Culture Lesson Photo 2

At the beginning of the lesson, the class split up into groups, with each being led by two exchange students. At Miss Mizukami’s instruction, each group would begin to listen to their Japanese leaders who explained about a certain aspect of Japanese culture. After their speech, everyone had the opportunity to ask questions regarding the topic, and also simply chat with the exchange students. After about ten minutes, each group would rotate, join a new pair of Japanese exchange students, and learn about a new aspect of culture.

Japanese Culture Lesson Photo 3

During this activity, the Year 10 Japanese class was able to widen their knowledge of Japanese culture, specifically kanji, kendo, kendama, Nagasaki, champon and origami, greatly. Did you know that kanji (a Japanese script) actually originated in China? Or that, in Japan, origami is taught in preschool?

At the end of the lesson, we were given the opportunity to talk to, and take pictures with, our new Japanese friends. We were all buzzing from the excitement of the lesson, but also very sad that it was coming to an end.

Japanese Culture Lesson Photo 4

This cultural lesson was not only very informative but also enjoyable. We are very grateful to have been given this unique opportunity, and on behalf of the class, we would like to express our thanks to the wonderful Japanese exchange students for their efforts throughout the lesson, and also to Miss Mizukami for organising it.

Zena Marroun and Alice Apalakis
Year 10 Japanese Elective Class