Mathematics Extension 1 and 2 Talented Students Day

Mathematics Extension 1 & 2 Talented Students Day

On the 7th of June, the Mathematics Extension 1 and 2 students attended the Enrichment Day at The University of Sydney. University lecturers together with some experienced Mathematics Extension 2 teachers developed the day to support and inspire students studying these challenging courses.

The purpose of the day was for the students to:

  • learn how their current study of mathematics opens up a range orewarding career opportunities;

    hear about some of the ways mathematics is used to solve real world problems;

    be exposed to areas of mathematics which they may not have encountered before;

    attend two talks on Extension 1 or Extension 2 syllabus topics which interest them or which they need support with;

    mix with students from other schools who are talented mathematicians and have similar interests.

The lectures they chose to attend, extended their mathematics into areas such as Quantum Physics, The Shape of the Universe, Mathematics and Billiards and even The Mathematics of Spiderman, where they investigated how Calculus could be applied in alternate realities.

The students were able to explore the University, attend lectures and get their first taste of what University life is all about. In all, it was a most rewarding and enjoyable day for the students.

Nick Miller
Teacher of Mathematics