NSW All Schools Diving

All Schools Diving Photo 1

Four students from St Andrews College proudly represented the school at the recent NSW All Schools Diving Championships. The competition took place on Friday the 6th of May at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre. It included divers from across NSW and across the three school systems; CCC (Combined Catholic Colleges), CHS (Combined High Schools) and CIS (Combined Independent Schools). In short, it was the best school divers in NSW.

Divers performed a different number of dives depending on their age group with the youngest divers performing four dives and the eldest performing eight. Divers in the 12, 13, 15 and 17+ age groups who wanted to trial for the School Sport Australia (national) event performed one extra dive after the competition which was added to their score.

All Schools Diving Photo 2

Below is a list of placings. The first placing shows their competition rank while the second placing shows their School Sport Australia (SSA) trial rank.

Amy France (yr 11) 17+Years Girls platform 7th, 4th (SSA)

Jemma France (yr9) 15-16 Years Girls Platform 5th, 4th (SSA)

Jemma France (yr9) 15 Years Girls Springboard 5th, 5th (SSA)

Isabella Carter (yr8) 14 Years Girls Springboard 8th, 8th (SSA)

James Kalogjera (yr7) 12 Years Boys Springboard 3rd, 10th (SSA) (Note: James had to compete against the 13 Year Boys as well for an SSA rank).

All Schools Diving Photo 3

All divers competed beautifully and a special congratulations goes to James who received a bronze medal, presented to him by two time Olympian Melissa Wu. Divers who received an SSA rank of 1, 2 or 3 were selected in the team to compete at the School Sport Australia championships in July in Lightning Ridge. Amy and Jemma are both first reserves in their respective age groups which is a fantastic achievement.

In addition to her diving, Amy also spent the day officiating as one of a few student judges. This is her second year judging at this level and she did a fantastic job. Mr Weaver also spent his day managing the NSWCCC team while Mrs Weaver did her best to juggle coaching and judging duties.

We are very proud of our diving results and encourage more students to take up this wonderful opportunity next year.

Mrs Anita Weaver
NSWCCC Conveno