PDSSSC Netball Gala Day

Netball Gala

On Tuesday 22nd July 2014, two teachers and twenty-two students gathered together on a cold winter morning at 8am to journey to Jamison Park Netball Courts to represent St Andrews College in the PDSSSC Netball Gala Day.  

Our Junior Girls and Intermediate Girls netball teams arrived at the courts with a great spirit of excitement and enthusiasm and were ready to test their skills against other Catholic schools. Over the course of the day the teams played 5 games, each with 8-minute halves. The girls showed tremendous sportsmanship and talent as they participated to the best of their ability in each of the games, with the Junior Girls team achieving a win in one of their rounds.

The Junior Girls team consisted of the following Year 7 and 8 students: Allison Futialo, Brianna Deverell, Larissa Debincrat, Amelia Debincrat, Sarah Wonson, Jodi Pace, Ebony O’Connor, Crystal Sharma, Alysha Gaunder and Nyanjur Aguek.

Netball Gala

The Intermediate Girls team consisted of the following Year 9 and 10 students: Bianca Anderson, Raga Maragan, Irene Osariemea, Angela Boustany, Tayla Deverell, Josie Andrew, Chantell Neale, Anakapea Hokafony and Serena Pohiva.

The girls are to be commended for their outstanding representation of the College and their positivity and enthusiasm throughout the day. Also to be commended are Laura McKinnon and Chloe McGhee who used their experience to umpire many games throughout the day.

We look forward to participating in the PDSSSC Netball Gala day next year and representing St Andrews College in future sporting endeavours.