Peer Support

Peer Support Photo 1

In Term 1 our Year 10 Peer Support Leaders and their Assistants ran a Peer Support Program with our new Year 7 students. The module they ran this year was “Behaving with Integrity”.  Peer Support was a huge success – and a big thank you and congratulations must go to our Year 10 Peer Support Leaders and their Assistants. They have done a tremendous job helping our new Year 7 students settle in – going out of their way to take them to classrooms, answer all their questions and just giving them a few tips on how to cope with homework and high school in general. Although Peer Support only runs during Term 1, I’m sure the friendships and bonds that were formed during Peer Support will continue throughout the year.  Well done Year 7 and your Peer Support Leaders! 

Peer Support Leaders and Assistants:


Peer Support Photo 2


Louie Tabios, Irene Osariemen, Briant Longabela (Assistant) Darrmyen Deligero, Ellana Dillon, Chloe Panaligan (Assistant) Kaley Jarrett, Rhia Cruz, Adrian Alger (Assistant) Jamielhea Bernardo, Patrick Cunanan, Hannah Buan (Assistant) Christian Cabellon, Adriana Gravidor, Sharlene Mesa (Assistant) Althea D’Souza, Jaylen Prats, Caitlin Impreso (Assistant)



Jonathan Caalim, Mark Aringo, Bradley Roberts (Assistant) Stephanie Magno, Serena Pohiva, Charkrit Atherton (Assistant) Jema Pace, Georgia Topalovic, Isabelle VanderHout (Assistant) Krishelle Adams, Janelle Garcia, Nicholas Carroll (Assistant) Chloe McGhee, Christian Canete, Jeremy Nieto (Assistant) Janaya Hacinas, Arielle Pineda, Tayla Chebli (Assistant)


Peer Support Photo 3


Ysabelle Garcia, Angela Boustany, Shantelle Sharma (Assistant) Madeline Housego, Breanna Corapi, Jed Reyes (Assistant) Abbygale Garcia, Enzel Cabrera, Tejal Naidu (Assistant) Angela-Leigh Dela Cruz, James Sultana, Christine Gorjok (Assistant) Daniella Galea, Paolo Manarang, Sean Cordoba (Assistant) Yasmien Ibrahim, Chantelle Naidu, Nathan Tagle (Assistant)



Jack Bartlett, Rania Lukasa, Kayla Croser (Assistant)Jeremy Sibucao, Te’Aumata Rairi, Marie Boustani (Assistant) Taraswin Maynoor, Amandip Singh, James Biniahan (Assistant) Alannah Forster, Bercim Demir, Daytan Freen (Assistant) Lewis Cho, Isabella Hart, Karishma Singh (Assistant) Jeric Gould-Matienzo, Shriya Chandra, Natalie El-Hakim (Assistant)