Peer Support 2016

Peer Support Photo 1

In Term 1 our Year 10 Peer Support Leaders and their Assistants ran a Peer Support Program with our Year 7 students. The module they ran this year was “Behaving with Integrity”.  Peer Support was a huge success – and a big thank you and congratulations must go to our Year 10 Peer Support Leaders and their Assistants. They have done a tremendous job helping our new Year 7 students settle in – going out of their way to take them to classrooms, answer all their questions and just giving them a few tips on how to cope with homework and high school in general. Although Peer Support only runs during Term 1, I’m sure the friendships and bonds that were formed during Peer Support will continue throughout the year. As you can see from the photos of the Peer Support Party in the last week of Term 1, Peer Support was a positive and uplifting experience. Well done Year 7 and your Peer Support Leaders!

Peer Support Photo 2

2016 Peer Support Leaders and Assistants


Shania Perera, Steven Saros-Ginatsis, Nathanael Chilcott (Assistant)

Pamela Barukcic, Samuel McKinnon, Silvana Mackovska (Assistant)

Oluseyi Ajayi, Daniel San Pedro, Rukhaiya Rangwala (Assistant)

Lily-Rae Oakley, Jerico Tablizo, William Villar (Assistant)

Rita Slan, Patrick Balilo, Jaime Bernardo (Assistant)

Sarafina Yosia Edward, Joshua Wilson, Nyibol Chol (Assistant)


Peer Support Photo 3


Clarisse Cortez, Nicolas Menouhos, Vincent Villafuerte (Assistant)

Kate De Guzman, Sasan Najibi, Preethi Pawar (Assistant)

Yom Deng, Ashley Fronteras ,Martin Malazzo (Assistant)

Larissa Debrincat, Hayden Salt, Denver Pratelli (Assistant)

Amelia Debrincat, Gabriel Felipe, Michael Mateo (Assistant)

Felicity Adefuin, Vessal Honarpisheh, Sote Ambolo (Assistant)


Peer Support Photo 4


Alyssa Seccull, Jeremiah Coutinho, John Salazar (Assistant)

Ethan Morris, Jessica Vassallo, Maria Herrera (Assistant)

Nadim Sadaka, Olivia Lindsay, Chelsea Lomibao (Assistant)

Ruth Okot, Julio Guidotti, Francesca Ferrera (Assistant)

Desiree Bongolan, Jad Salloum, Patrick Galang (Assistant)

Jasmine Fulton, Joshua Silva, Nathan Cotelo (Assistant)


Peer Support Photo 4


Kaitlyn Green, Joshua Marshall, Jasmin Domingo (Assistant)

Nupur Makwana, Manav Sharma, Veronica Villareal (Assistant)

Rachel Garas, Lydon Wells, Thomas Resenberger (Assistant)

Maame Gyau, Matthew Stevenson, Laura O’Connell (Assistant)

Natasha Cafarella, Dylan Espiritu, Miguel Tenedero (Assistant)

Emma Riviere, James O’Connell, Ruvic Osorio (Assistant)