Science News

Year 8 Science News 1

In Science this term, Year 8 are learning about God’s most magnificent creation…. Us!!!

Learning Intention – To discover the relationship between bones, muscle, tendons and cartilage.

Here are our future scientists in 8SC4 dissecting chicken wings.

Did you know that the three main bones in the human arm: the humerus, radius and ulna, are the same in the bird’s wing??

Year 8 Science News 2

Learning Intention – To understand our circulatory system.

Here are our future medical doctors in 8SC5 dissecting a heart.

Did you know if you laid all the blood vessels in our body end-to-end they would circumnavigate the globe 2½ times??

Year 9 Science News

In Year 9, we are learning about the different types of electrical circuits.

Here’s 9SC6 participating in the Electricity Super Challenge.