Senior Basketball Achievement 2015

Senior Basketball

My first experience of being a basketball coach started with these boys in 2012. I have seen them all improve in their skills and love of the game. It has been a privilege to be a part of this basketball journey. To see you all develop into young men who encourage and support one another and continue to show great sportsmanship on and off the court. 

Some of your achievements include:

Training twice a week Monday mornings and Wednesday afternoons, which also included a Mr Weaver fitness session on Monday morning!

We held three rounds of basketball games, which were against the priests, and seminarians of our diocese.

2013 was when we started our MCS (Metropolitan Catholic Schools) Competition.  In 2013 we made it to the semi finals. This year, in our second season, we had a good season however, due to two players being injured we placed 5th.

Four PDSSSC Basketball Gala days, winning two championships back to back in 2014 and 2015.

In 2014 in the NSW CCC Competition we made it to the quarterfinals against St Francis Xavier’s College, Hamilton unfortunately we lost this game. 

Our biggest achievement of all was in June this year in the NSWCCC tournament. This tournament is against all Catholic schools in NSW. Our boys made it to the quarterfinals and then semi finals where we played for a place. Our boys received a medal for 3rd place. Which is the highest award we have received. 

The following students are recognised for their achievements

Number 8, Year 10, Christian Cabellon            

Number 4, Year 10, Hilary Zakria

Number 11, Year 12, Kayne De Guzman

Number 10, Year 11, Noel Amoranto     

Number 24, Year 12, Robbie Bueno                  

Number 9, Year 12, Hanrick Esmores   

Number 5, Year 12, Julian Felizardo      

Number 1, Year 12, Raphael Panga                  

Number 13, Year 12, Dustin Jusay                     

Number 7, Year 12, Joshua Hostardi    

Number 16, Year 12, Khenn Carlos                   

Number 33, Year 12, Co-Captain, Stephen Gorjok

Number 3, Year 12, Co-Captain, Gian Ela        

I am very proud of you all. Thank you boys for the past four years and all the best to you for the future. Keep working hard and I look forward to you all mentoring our younger students and helping me coach in the future! Congratulations.

Miss Knezevic