Senior Boys Football

On Monday the 11th of May the St Andrews College Senior Boys Football Team were pumped and ready. United by their drive and passion for the game. The boys sought out the challenge and were ready to play off against local schools in an all day gala.

The first match kicked off at 9am sharp, with our first opponents being St Marks. With our four, three, two, one formation we entered the field with enthusiasm. The first half of the match proved to be a challenge as St Marks were on our backs as they gained a penalty in the 15th minute, however hope glimmered as we entered the second half, St Marks already leading 1-0. In the middle of this half SAC gained control of the ball and with some great communication and team work we were able to score a goal to even the match. In the final few minutes it was close, however the match ended in favour of St Marks (2-1). 

With a short break to re-strategise and compose ourselves, we then entered our second match against our long time rivals Bede Polding. This match proved to be a true test of our skills and capabilities as a team, despite the heat we fought hard and were determined to call the match ours. The match intensified and the field soon became a battleground. Despite our best efforts two goals were conceded, therefore leading our unfortunate loss to Bede Polding (2-0). 

Shaken but not yet ready to give up we approached our final match against Marian College with a positive attitude and a united front. This match however fast became a struggle. Soldiering on our SAC reps fought once again proving the St Andrews College ‘never give up’ attitude. As patience ran thin and time closed in, the team were left disappointed as the final score was settled, 4-0 in favour of Marian College. 

Despite our loss, the incredible experience was undeniable. The St Andrews College Senior Boys Football Team displayed immense sportsmanship, skills and a true St Andrews College attitude, proving that wining isn’t everything. The team worked cohesively and communicated effectively, with two stand out players, Makoc Makog and team captain Zach Jarrett. As the day came to an end, we gathered together in true SAC spirit to cheer on the Senior Girls Football Team as they fought valiantly to bring home a victory. 

Jay Prakash
SAC Senior Boys Football Team