Sky High Robbery

Sky High Robbery Photo 1

Sky High Robbery - written and directed by Mr J Lenehan was performed at the Polish Community Hall. The show was staged over two nights, Tuesday 19 August and Wednesday 20 August and was performed each evening to packed audiences.

Mrs Cooper’s ‘Big Band Theory created the music and the dance was choreographed by Mrs Weaver. Mrs Ryan’s team of workers painted the scenery backdrops and the publicity was organised by Ms Simmonds and Ms Bisazza.

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On the opening night a dinner was prepared and served by the Year 11 VET Hospitality students ably assisted by Mrs de Rooy and Ms Knezevic.

Five students from the Year 11 VET Entertainment course supplied the stage crew for both evenings of the show. In total over 100 students were involved in the production of ‘Sky High Robbery’, which proved to be a resounding success.

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The following are quotes from some of the students involved:

“My experience with Sky High Robbery was certainly one to remember. It was so rewarding seeing the play transform from words on paper to a professional production filled with humour, unique characters and special effects. Through working together with others I also developed many special friendships which I will cherish for many years to come.” – Alice Apalakis

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“Being a member of the Sky High Robbery cast was a thrilling experience. I really enjoyed working with other people from different year groups. The production allowed me to develop personally not only as an actor but as a person. I learnt many things such as character development and how to develop my courage. I gained experience in risk taking and I made a lot of new friends. The experience was enjoyable and fun. Thanks to all who came, watched, supported and laughed.” – Mark-Joseph Samuel

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“Being a part of the Sky High Robbery cast was an amazing experience, although stressful and absolutely terrifying, once it was all together all nerves simply fell away. I really enjoyed the opportunity in which I was able to link aspects of myself with an unfamiliar character. Working together with different people helped us to create Sydney’s second International Airport with a hectic atmosphere filled with unusual characters.”

“My experience in Sky High Robbery was very enjoyable and very fun. I loved getting to know other students and learning from them. Even though learning the lines and staging directions was difficult and took time, it was all worth it when you saw the finished product. I can’t wait until the next school production in 2016.” – Emma Rose Mulholland

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“As a dancer in this year’s school production, it was a fun experience learning the new dances and working together with people you don’t really know well. We had after school rehearsals on Tuesdays and also on Thursdays during sport. On the day of the performances, everyone was excited and scared about messing up but it went well in the end. The energy we got from the crowd and the other cast members was great. I’d like to thank Mr Lenehan and Mrs Weaver for giving us the opportunity to dance in Sky High Robbery and also to everyone who came and supported the cast. I also thank the dancers, cast, painters of the backdrop and the VET Entertainment and Hospitality students for all their hard work in making the production come to life.” – Gabby Santos