St Andrews College Students ‘Hangout’ with the Right People

Google Hangout 1

                             The St Andrews College Social Justice Leadership Group prepares
                               to interview Eric and Ma about sustainable food sources in Fiji

The Social Justice Leadership Group represented the College admirably during Caritas Australia’s first Google Hangout.  During this Google Hangout, eight secondary schools were invited from across Australia to take part in an online question and answer session with Eric and Ma to learn more about their experiences and life in Fiji. Google Hangout is a video chat platform that allows conversation over video online. It also allows the video chat session to be broadcast live or saved and posted as a YouTube video.

Google Hangout 2

             Eric and Ma, Farmers from Fiji and Project Compassion's International Guest Speakers
                       and interviewed during Caritas Australia's first Google Hangout session

Eric and Ma revealed how they had an unprofitable farm and limited diet before they went for training at the Tutu Rural Training Centre which is supported by Caritas Australia. The married couple now run a successful farm, earn a sustainable income, grow food for life and have put all of their six children through school. They said being able to grow their own food helped the family avoid the serious health problems many Fijians experienced because of a lack of fresh fruit and vegetables in their diets. “I think we were blessed to be part of the program in Tutu,” Eric said. “Without Tutu we wouldn’t be where we are now”. “It’s only possible thanks to the support from Caritas Australia and schools like yours,” he said.

Students were inspired by the interview and said that “being able to make a difference to communities like this, now and for future generations, spurs them on in learning more about raising awareness, advocating and taking action in relation to sustainable food sources”.  “We want to work towards the Millenium Development Goal of ending global hunger, food insecurity and undernutrition by 2025”.  

We thank students and families for supporting our service, immersion and charitable giving programs. These offer students a way to deepen their spirituality and strengthen their commitment to living their faith in ways that build a more just world. In this process students come to understand inequities and injustices that exist at a local, national and international level while also developing their communication and leadership skills.