St Andrews College win PYCS Challenge 2014

PYCS Group Photo

On Saturday the 6th of July, St Andrews College hosted the Parramatta Young Christian Students (PYCS) Challenge 2014. St Andrews College along with Loyola Senior High School, Trinity Parish Youth and Nagle College Blacktown battled it out in the games of: soccer, basketball and dodge ball. Great teamwork was displayed with a balance of competitiveness, good sportsmanship and ultimately fun.

A barbecue was then held after the soccer and basketball event which was followed by a deep discussion and presentation relating to daily lifestyle stresses, this allowed students to break off into their small local groups to discuss the main causes of stress and ways to manage it effectively. To finish off the successful day, the concluding event was dodge ball against the schools. We’d like to thank the YCS workers, Mr Kolek and Mrs Melki for their continued support of YCS at St Andrews College.

"We would like to thank all those students who participated in the PYCS Challenge helping to make it an enjoyable and memorable event", said Year 12 students Niko Roqueza and Lewis Manallili.

The end result: St Andrews as the victors of the PYCS Challenge once more, however everyone went home as winners with new friendships to be maintained for the future.