St Andrews College wins Entertainment Bronze Medal in WorldSkills

Entertainment WorldSkills Photo 1

St Andrews College congratulates Erin Gray on her Bronze Medal win in the WorldSkills State Competition in the Entertainment Category.  Congratulations also goes to Sanveet Singh for winning fourth place. 

On Friday the 6th of November Erin and Sanveet travelled to William Carey Christian School, Prestons to compete in the competition. 

They competed in three rounds demonstrating their Vocational Education and Training skills in audio, lighting and vision. Entertainment is a particularly difficult competition due to the technical skills required to use the equipment available.

Entertainment WorldSkills Photo 2

For our students Erin and Sanveet, there was another layer of complexity. They, unlike their competitors, had not used the equipment previously. Throughout the competition Erin and Sanveet showed their resilience, their adaptability and their competence to put into practice what they have learned theoretically in the classroom.

Ms Henrietta Stathopoulos, VET Entertainment Teacher, supported both students on the day with encouragement and was very proud of their professionalism. She hopes that the competition will inspire both students to keep learning new skills.