St Andrews students immerse themselves in the Thai culture

Students enjoyed visiting the sites of Thailand
Students enjoyed visiting the sites of Thailand

Seven Year 11 students from St Andrews College, Marayong demonstrated global stewardship through their participation in the recent Thai Cultural Immersion Program.

Christian Germino, Kristen Hombre, Joshua Hostiadi, Reina Illigan, Dustin Jusay, Alexia Newsome, Bianca Raviraj along with Principal Nic Vidot and Assistant Principal Shauna Nash spent two weeks in Dannok Nakorn Ratchasima Province in Thailand to teach English in a village school.

The cultural immersion trip offered students the opportunity to learn a new language, experience a different way of life and appreciate the value of a good education. It also gave the students an opportunity to immerse themselves in the Thai culture, tasting different foods, engaging in Thai etiquettes and experiencing their religious rituals. 

Student Kristen Hombre said the trip was a life changing experience that has motivated her to appreciate school and the opportunity to have an education.
‘We went to Thailand to teach the students English, but in the end they taught us a lot about life,’ said Kristen.

She said during the trip, they really began to appreciate the Buddhist faith through their visits to various shrines and temples highlighting their amazement at the Wat Ban Rai – the Elephant Temple, which is hand-made from more than 20 million pieces of mosaic.

Principal Nic Vidot said he was very proud of the way the students embraced Thai culture.

‘Our students embraced the experience with respect, humility and we are proud of their conduct and the work they did with the Thai school children,’ said Nic.