Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross

“Stations of the Cross” at St Andrews College is a Senior Drama class tradition, and this year we continued with our cross curricular work with the Religion Department , VET Entertainment and of course Year 11 Drama.

Year 11 Drama Students were given four weeks to playbuild a performance for Holy Thursday focussing on the Stations of the Cross, using Brechtian style theatrical devices such as chorus work and banners, as well as improvisational skills, and refined acting. They were also asked to incorporate our Pope’s message of Mercy for the Year of Mercy.

Stations of the Cross Photo 2

The VET Entertainment students helped create the introductory powerpoint that helped students focus on the messages of the Stations, as well as ensuring, students were prepared for the performance. They were also required to help set up appropriate staging and movement of set pieces between both campuses.

Both Junior and Senior Campusl students were taken along for the final steps of Jesus’ journey, and there were indeed many students and staff left speechless by the final image.


Stations of the Cross Photo 3

It is always an honour to be asked to produce this, and by incorporating it into the Year 11 Drama assessment schedule students see how to go about producing work in a short period of time - something many were not used to.

Well done to all students involved. Our thanks to Mrs Welch, Mr Said, Ms Ryan for photos and videoing and Mr McLoughlin for driving the bus to and from each campus.

Henrietta Stathopoulos and Michelle Trefler
Drama and VET Entertainment Teachers