Streamwatch photo 1

Streamwatch is a long running water monitoring program initiated by Sydney Water and the Sydney Catchment Authority (SCA). Streamwatch groups investigate and take action on water quality and catchment and ecosystem health.

St Andrews has been involved in this program for many years and it is currently and efficiently run by a small group of Year 12 students.

Streamwatch photo 2

The Streamwatch group meets fortnightly to walk to nearby Breakfast Creek to monitor the creek’s environment and its water quality. Tests are carried out on site and water samples are brought back to the laboratory on the Senior Campus for further testing.

The students record any pollution and wildlife present. Sophisticated equipment, supplied to the school by Streamwatch, is used to measure the oxygen, phosphates, faecal coliform, pH, temperature, electrical conductivity and turbidity levels of the creek water. This information is sent to Sydney Water each time as part of the overall monitoring of the waterways of Sydney.

Streamwatch photo 3

In Term 2, Year 11 students will be invited to join the program. The new recruits will be trained by the current Streamwatch members.

Our waterways are precious. Our streams and rivers provide drinking water, opportunities for fishing, swimming or boating, water for agriculture and business, and are a home for wildlife. The Streamwatch program plays an important role in the maintenance of healthy waterways.