The Rice Ball (Onigiri) lesson

Japanese Cooking Photo 2

On Wednesday June the 8th, Ms Mizukami our Japanese teacher gave us the opportunity to create our very own rice ball (onigiri) and taste some miso soup.

Japanese Cooking Photo 4

We were given ingredients and steps to follow. At first, we watched two videos to learn how to make the onigiri. Each of them showed making onigiri with their own styles. It was good to know. After watching the video, Ms Mizukami explained each ingredient and items. The ingredients were Japanese rice, non-salted seaweed (nori), salt, two miso soup packets, tofu, homemade tuna with mayonnaise, pickled radish and a pickled plum. Then, we did the exercise sheet to make sure we understood each step in making onigiri.

Japanese Cooking Photo 3

Mr Culbert and Miss Lipec came and joined our cooking lesson in the second half of the lesson. During the process of making the rice ball, Ms Mizukami took photos in order for a rice ball contest called onigiri beauty contest. The chosen judges were Mr Culbert and Miss Lipec. Everyone in class had made quite unique designs. My friends, Emerson created some sort of car, Patrick created a face and Earlwin made a hut. This was a fun lesson,  The Onigiri was delicious, the radish was great, and the plum was sour but was still delicious.

Japanese Cooking Photo 1

Michael Alaura