The Young Women's Leadership Seminar

Young Women

NSW Parliamentary Education invited Laurice Gravador and Maria Granada to attend the Young Women’s Leadership Seminar on Thursday the 12th of May to discuss concepts and definitions of leadership, issues that might affect women in leadership roles and to meet inspiring women leaders from our Parliament and community.

The day consisted of hearing the keynote address by Kylie Legge, who spoke on what the audience wanted to do and be in the future. She told the audience not to fear change and that we all experience failure and that failure needs to be turned into a positive learning experience. She also encouraged the female audience to enter politics as there needs to be more women in leadership positions.

Laurice and Maria visited the NSW Legislative Assembly Chamber and met Jenny Leong, the Member for Newtown and Joanna Haylen, the Member for Summer Hill.

Jenny Leong stated that, “Discrimination to women in politics will always exist“ but that should not stop women from entering politics.

Laurice and Maria also visited the Legislative Council Chamber where they met Catherine Cusak and heard about her experiences in NSW Parliament.

Later in the morning there was a panel of women Members of Parliament who addressed the audience. It was indeed an inspiring day, made even better as Laurice and Maria were chosen, out of all the students present, to give a gift on stage to Kylie Legge. It was indeed a great honour.