Touch Football Gala Day

Touch Football Gala Day Photo 1

With rain falling heavily on Tuesday night doubt was cast over the Touch Football Gala Day going ahead.

With a clear morning and the fields dry – let the games begin!

On Wednesday the 30th of March our Senior and Under 15 Touch Football teams met on the Junior Campus at 7.40am, soon after they were on the bus to The Kingsway Fields at Werrington.

It was a tough day with the Senior Boys having to play seven games in four hours, Jarred Concepion leading the ship with solid performances in each game.

Touch Football Gala Day Photo 2

The Senior Girls had a couple of strong wins with Tayla Deverell scoring four tries on the day and was a stand-out performer. 


Touch Football Gala Day Photo 3

The Under 15 Boys started strong but classy opposition and the heat took its toll in the last few matches. All boys contributed well in the tournament.


Touch Football Gala Day Photo 4

Our Under 15 Girls also started strong and they were the most vocal supporters. Strong performances from Ella Kumpulainen and Alison Futialo enabled the girl’s team to be competitive in all matches.

The sportsmanship was as to be expected and opponents, referees and fellow team mates were respected at all times. A big thank you to all students involved on the day.

A big thank you also goes to the staff Mr Boardman, Miss Trenko and Mr Kolek for assisting on the day. 

Martin Gillogly
Leader of Learning Sport