Training with Olympians

Diving Olympians Photo 1

The best thing about being a part of the diving community is that it is a small, close knit, group. Everyone, from novice to Olympian, can be seen training together, sharing the boards and most importantly supporting and giving each other advice.


Diving Olympians Photo 2

We practice alongside current Olympians Melissa Wu (10m Platform), Brittany O’Brien (10m Platform), Kevin Chavez Banda (3m Springboard) and Esther Qin (3m Springboard). Watching the Olympians train in and out of the water inspires my club members and myself to work and train harder, to put 100% effort into every training session and to respect our coaches as they put in a lot of dedication and time into the divers to become the best sportspeople they can be, through their love of the sport.

Diving Olympians Photo 3

Thinking about meeting your inspirations or the best in your sport may be scary or even overwhelming. Not in diving. Everyone is friendly and very approachable. Even the Olympic coaches take time to ask simple things, like asking how you have been or how your day was. As well as having the privilege to watch them train and dive in the same aquatic centres. I have also had an opportunity to judge alongside one of the male Olympians, Kevin Chavez Banda. This new experience was so incredible as I was able to see his perspectives on what a good dive is to him as an elite athlete.

Diving has taken up a big part of my life that I am so grateful for. I've created so many friends and great memories, but if it wasn't for me coming to St Andrews College and meeting Mrs Weaver in Year 7, I would have never known the sport Diving and been able to watch and train with Australian Olympians.

Amy France. Year 11
NSWCCC Diving Representative
NSW All Schools Official