Vinnies Winter Sleepout

Vinnies Winter Sleepout Photo 1

On the 12th of June the Vinnies Winter Sleepout took place in the library. Students learned about the statistics surrounding the homeless population around Australia from two students in the Vinnie’s Executive Team.

Guest speaker, Penelope, attended the Sleepout to teach us about the reality surrounding the homeless including statistics and personal experiences that the Vinnie’s group spoke about that aided towards teaching us the reality of the situation. 

We also built homes out of cardboard to fit seven people. It took an immense amount of teamwork and cooperation to create our houses and we ended up with three from three different groups. 

Our guest speaker created activities which we were able to reflect our own values and thoughts. We wrote on post it notes about what surprised us the most about the presentations and what we learned, posting them on the glass wall of the library and they are still there for all to see and reflect.

Vinnies Winter Sleepout Photo 2

We had our dinner in the teacher's lounge where we had a minimal amount of food as we had to live the experience of the homeless as close as we could. We had to ration the food too, so we would have enough for breakfast the next morning.

The night ended with a movie where we gradually fell asleep on the floor of the library with our single blankets. 

The next morning we awoke at 6:30am thanks to the lovely Mr Culbert. We then headed down to the teacher’s lounge where we had our breakfast from the remnants of what was leftover from dinner the night before. 

Overall, the experience was enlightening and rewarding. 

Thank you to the Staff: Mrs Anzellotti, Mr Culbert, Ms Becroft and Mrs Melki for making the event possible for us.