Vinnies hamper photo 1

2015 has been an extraordinary year for the Vinnie’s Group.  At the start of the year we asked for people to put down their interest to be in Vinnie’s and it was amazing to find that there were over 40 applications! It is truly a testament to the St Andrews College community that so many people are willing and eager to be involved in community services and be a person to others.

The students I have worked with over the year have done an outstanding job as Vinnie’s Group members. They have attended every fortnightly meeting, given up numerous lunchtimes and early mornings to run campaigns, come up with brilliant ideas and videos and have been an absolute delight to watch as they did things for their community.

Vinnies hamper photo 2

Some of the campaigns the Vinnie’s Group has run this year are: Valentine’s Roses, Pancake Day, Anti-Bullying Day, International Women’s Day, Refugee Week, Project Compassion, Year 7 & 8 Disco, Winter Appeal, Winter Sleepout, Doorknock Appeal, Vinnie’s Café, Zooper Doopers after sport, Christmas Hampers, Candy-Cane Grams.

Not to mention speaking at every single assembly and spreading awareness about important issues. This is absolutely incredible and as a group they have raised an incredible $4105.00 for St Vincent de Paul. This is amazing!!!

Vinnie’s Group for 2015 consisted of the following Year 10 students: Abbygale Garcia, Adam Assefa, Adriana Gravador, Althea D’Souza, Alyana Cabral, Alyssa Dimacali, Angela-Leigh DelaCruz, Bailey Gravina, Bridget Martin, Chantelle Naidu, Chloe Panaligan, Christian Cabellon, Christian Falconer, Ciara Ancheta, Daarmyen Deligero, Daniella Galea, Gabrielle Santos, Hannah Baun, Hilary Zakria, Isis Martirez, Isla Ramos, James Sultana, Jamielhea Bernado, Janelle Garcia, Jeremy Fernando, Joseph Mendoza, Karishma Singh, Mikie Harvey, Nathan Tagle, Patrick Cunanan, Raghav Dhiman, Rhia Cruz, Serena Pohiva, Sienna Fernandez, Stephanie Magno, Vincent Badelles, Yesenia Latoure, Ysabelle Garcia.

Vinnies hamper photo 3

The Vinnies Group ended the year by collecting, sorting and wrapping the Christmas hampers ready to be given to St Vincent de Paul on St Andrew’s Day.

I am incredibly proud of every single Vinnie’s Group member. They have shown terrific community service, leadership skills and are true examples of doing more and going beyond.

Miss Emily Pett
Vinnie’s Coordinator