Western Sydney Region NSW Training Awards

Erin Gray VET Award

On Friday the 17th of June at the 2016 Western Sydney Region - NSW Training Awards, Year 12 student, Erin Gray won the VET in Schools Student of the Year award.

Erin is a great ambassador for Entertainment. Through her participation in many events outside of the classroom and her enthusiasm she has inspired her peers within the course.

Erin says that leaving the school grounds and working with unfamiliar faces has greatly improved her communication skills and made her more personable and comfortable with her peers.

“I was previously quiet a shy student but this course has pushed me out of my comfort zone and my off-the-job training in class has improved”, said Erin.

“There is no area in which I have not improved as a result of this training and consequently my value for my learning has never been stronger”, Erin continued.

Erin is always looking at opportunities to extend her skills or apply what she has learnt in class by volunteering for events both at school and through a range of employers. She is exceptional and her supervisors and other teachers have commented on her reliability, leadership skills and professionalism. Erin has demonstrated outstanding proficiency in lighting, audio and stage management and sound.

Due to her high degree of technical skills, in November last year, Erin represented St Andrews College in the Entertainment WorldSkills Competition where she achieved Third Place in the Zone.

The VET in Schools Student of the Year Award recognises the fantastic effort by Erin towards her VET studies and the great work her Entertainment Teachers, Ms Stathopoulos and Mrs Trefler do as teachers and mentors.

Congratulations to all!