Write a Book in a Day

Thirty students met on Wednesday 20th of May to write three books. Each team was given a different set of parameters that they had to follow and in 12 hours they had to create, write, illustrate, print and bind “ready to be posted” books.


It was a great day.  Each of the 3 teams worked hard all day except when food was needed or the pizzas came. 

Within each team there were writers, artists and technical support who put it all together. Different people wrote each chapter so constant editing and consulting went on.  The artists were working hard to finish to art work in time to have it included in the books and those on the production side were kept busy all day adding work and scanning artwork but the last hour was still a rush. 

By 7.30 we had 3 books ready to email to the competition headquarters and each team was relieved to have finished and was very proud of the great books they produced.