Year 10 Geography Coastal Fieldtrip

Year 10 Geography Fieldtrip

On the 6th and 7th of May, we, as a Year 10 Geography classes, travelled to the Sydney Northern Beaches, particularly, Collaroy and Long Reef Beach. Three Geography classes travelled on the 6th and the other three classes went on the 7th. This excursion was to support our assessment, which was based on this field trip and of our own research. The excursion was surprisingly both educational and fun as we learnt many things about the beaches and had fun whilst doing so.

Our first stop was Collaroy Beach, which is the most vulnerable beach in NSW and third in all of Australia. It would only make sense if we observed this damaged beach. When we arrived at the beach, we straightaway ate our recess and headed off into our separate classes to learn about coastal management. As soon as we stepped foot on Collaroy Beach, we were able to see how the houses were built on sand dunes. This was the main problem that affected the beach. We learnt about the beach’s history and how it has been affected by human activity.

Afterwards, we walked our way to Long Reef Head and observed all of Long Reef Beach from a high point of view from a headland. We then journeyed down to sit down on the beach itself and learn more about the aspects of coastal management and the natural processes that occur. Throughout the excursion, we needed to do a few activities, which included completing worksheets, answering questions our guides would ask us and collecting sand samples from different locations. These would assist us in our assignment. We ended the trip with a lunch break and hopped back on the bus to take us to school once more.

The trip to the Sydney Northern Beaches was not only educational but also very enjoyable. We were able to enjoy the beach with friends even if the aim of the excursion was not that. I can certainly say that it was a great experience for all the Year 10 Geography students and that if we were to go to the beach again, even if it was for another assessment, we would all be delighted.