Year 12 Chemistry Tour - Baxter Healthcare

Year 12 Chemistry Baxter Tour

A lot of the time when we purchase a finished product we do not know or think of the different processes and steps involved in the conversion from the raw materials to the finished products.

In the HSC Chemistry course students study four topics: "Production of Materials", "The Acidic Environment", "Chemical Monitoring and Management"  and the optional topic "Industrial Chemistry". In these units students gain an understanding of the requirements for the manufacturing of products. They have learned that the properties of materials used in production need to be considered, the monitoring of the processes from the beginning to the end are important and if not done properly can be costly and finally that scientists need to work collaboratively to be effective. The visit to Baxter Healthcare demonstrated all this to the Year 12 Chemistry students.

The tour began with a "working" morning tea where the students got an overview of Baxter Healthcare. They were given a tour of the plant where they "followed" the steps involved in the manufacturing of a product (I.V. Saline) from the beginning of its production to its dispatch. This even included a visit to the Quality Control laboratories where the chemists and microbiologists described the different quality control tests conducted on a daily basis.

Although the tour's focus was about the processes involved in manufacture and production it was evident that scientists collaborated with other departments to achieve the company's goals.

The tour of Baxter Healthcare gave students the opportunity to see the different applications of Chemistry in industry.

Mrs Caroline O'Hare
Leader of Learning - Science