Year 7 Camp

Year 7 Camp Photo 1

In Week 10 of Term 1, Year 7 attended camp at the Collaroy Centre. Here students made new friends and challenged themselves. The sun came out just in time as we arrived at camp. Students were thrown straight into activities ranging from beach games, to the flying fox and the infamous drop pole.

Year 7 Campy Photo 2

All students were supportive of each other and staff from our school and the camp site commended them on their manners, supportiveness and general attitude while on camp. Students were willing to try new things and remained in high spirits for the two days. We celebrated a great first day with a fluoro disco run by Miss Pett and Mr Isaac and students showed off their dancing skills in our dance competition.

Year 7 Camp Photo 3
The next day, students were up bright and early and after breakfast, faced two more exciting challenges. The rain didn’t dampen their spirits, especially for those doing canoeing, and after getting dried off it was time for lunch. After lunch students were patient as we boarded the bus for a very quiet trip home.

Year 7 Camp Photo 4
A big thank you to the following teachers for coming on camp; Mrs Rudman, Mrs Kramer, Mr Hazzaz, Mr McBride, Mr van Gestel, Mrs Ireland, Mrs Cooper, Miss Pett, Mr Maguire, Mr O’Kane and Mr Isaac. However the biggest thanks go out to the wonderful students of Year 7 who made the camp so enjoyable.