Year 8 Japanese Taiko Incursion

On Tuesday the 14
th of June all Year 8 students attended a Taiko (Japanese drumming) incursion by the percussion duet, YuNiOn, as part of their study of Japanese.

During the incursion students were treated to highly energetic and engaging drumming performances, were taught the history of taiko and about the different kinds of taiko. Some lucky students were even given the chance to join the performers and play the drums themselves.

The incursion started with YuNiOn playing traditional Taiko beats that are usually played during festivals in Japan. During these first few pieces students were taught how to stand and how to hit a drum properly. 

Afterwards, they performed songs that traditionally accompanied dancers. This was when a few students and a teacher were pulled from the audience and taught how to dance in time with the drumming. This was definitely a sight to see.

After 50 minutes of traditional and modern performances, the time came for the incursion to end, but not before a last joint performance by YuNiOn and the Year 8 students. This piece was called “Fireworks”, an original composition. During this performance five students were given the opportunity to play along on different types of drums whilst the rest of the Year were given the role of chanting to the beats. This performance was amazing and definitely one to remember.

Overall, this incursion was an experience all students will remember and can be described in one  word, Amazing!

Thank you to all Year 8 students and teachers for participating and listening so enthusiastically during the incursion.

Miss Mary Manalili
Japanese Teacher