Year 8 Taronga Zoo Excusion

Taronga Zoo Photo 1

On the 21st and 22nd of July, the Year 8 students went on an informative excursion to Taronga Zoo, organised by Mr Isaac and the science teachers. It was a great day that proved to be effective in teaching ecology terms and systems and was enjoyable to those who participated.

The day began with the students lining up in rows in the undercroft area according to their science classes. The buses were waiting early in the morning, ready to travel to Taronga Zoo's iconic location. The atmosphere was ecstatic and electric. There was talk about the excursion and the teachers went around marking the rolls and handing out a suggested timetable covering all that was needed of the science assessment as well as free time activities.

The bus trip to the zoo took approximately an hour and arrived at a particularly moist and damp Taronga Zoo, after the torrential rain that poured the previous day. However wet and somewhat empty the zoo was at first, it was soon replaced by a warm day with plenty of the animals at their best. There were elephants, bears, common birds and rare endangered species. It was a brilliant excursion that was amply educational and different.

Lunch was very well covered with many of the students bringing their own packed lunches. Those who did not bring lunch were not concerned as the Zoo had many facilities selling hot food and cold ice cream.

Each class was treated to an educational period in the Wild Asia Class. were we learnt more about ecological systems and got close with the small animals. These animals included possums, frogs, stick insects and a small python snake. There were many fun areas in which we could learn about endangered species, such as the Seal Show, which taught about the plight of the Bluefin Tuna.

We went back to school in the same buses with no problems whatsoever. The day, in all, was an incredible and fun day enabling students to acquire a deeper understanding of ecology and animal systems.

Abigail Danao 

Year 8 Zoo Excursion Photo 2