Year 9 Commerce

Year 9 Commerce Photo 1

On Tuesday the 17th of November, Year 9 Commerce students participated in an excursion to the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium and Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Darling Harbour, along with Miss Pett, Miss Simmonds and Mrs van Gestel.

This excursion related to the Year 9 Commerce topics of “Promoting and Selling” and “Travel”. It was an opportunity for the students to apply their knowledge to understand the techniques these two businesses use in convincing consumers and tourists to visit what is on offer at their venues.

Year 9 Commerce Photo 2

Throughout the excursion, students broke off into groups of their own choice and were required to create a photo journal of the Aquarium and the Wax Museum. The photo journal consisted of photos that contained information about the two venues such as admission prices, sponsors and facilities that cater for the needs of visitors, along with the main attractions the two venues offered. With these photos, students will complete a travel blog task*, where they will review the two venues and make recommendations to other travellers who have an interest in visiting the venue.

Year 9 thoroughly enjoyed visiting Sydney Aquarium and Madame Tussauds, and this excursion could not have taken place without Miss Pett, who organised the excursion and allowed the day to run smoothly. Also, thank you Miss Simmonds and Mrs van Gestel for coming along on the excursion to make the day even more enjoyable.  

By Larissa Isakov
Year 9 Commerce Student

*For a fantastic read check out Commerce student Jan Vallar’s travel blog on the excursion here!