Year 9 English

Year 9 English Crime Photo 1

In Term 3, our core English classes spent time looking over the topic Crime Fiction and what creates a good crime story. Our classes have read a variety of Crime Fiction stories as well as watching some episodes of Sherlock Holmes and CSI.

Year 9 English Crime Photo 2

Our Term 3 Assessment Task was in two parts. Part One was a group task that required us to create a visual representation and present a photo narrative of an original crime story. Part Two was an individual task where we were required to post a blog entry that explored a statement about Crime Fiction using the P.E.E.L structure.

Year 9 English Crime Photo 3

Personally, I found this task really interesting and enjoyable to complete as it was different from all the other tasks that we've had and it wasn't a typical essay that we needed to write.

We were given ideas from our English teachers to use in our photos and our storylines and we were also able to choose who to work with which made it more comfortable to complete.


Year 9 English Crime Photo 4

Overall, this task was really interesting and enjoyable. This task opened our creative minds and I hope that our assessments will always be this enjoyable.

Irene Baik 9.1