Special Religious Education Mass

SRE Mass

On Friday the 21st of October, two of my peers and I were invited to attend the annual mass of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) of the Archdiocese of Sydney at Glenmore Park Parish. Here we were given the privilege to experience a mass led by the Most Reverend Vincent Long Van Nguyen and Priests of the Diocese. 

The Gospel reading of Luke highlighted a single theme which triggered us to reflect on the signs present in our day-to-day lives. Luke made a powerful comparison between our obedience towards the signs given to us in the means of completing a task and our lack of loyalty towards the signs given to us by the Father – We follow him with curiosity to see what we may be able to get for ourselves but very few commit ourselves to following him as disciples.

Deeper within the Gospel passage, we were then called to reflect on forgiveness and our actions towards others in times of conflict – If we do not settle our affairs now, in the future it may be too late. It is time for us to read the signs of God’s call which asks us to respond by a change of heart and behaviour. If we learn to develop a real sense of justice, we will have nothing to fear from the Judge on that day of reckoning and accounting.

On behalf of Andrew, Joel and I, we would like to express our overwhelming gratitude towards Mrs Melki for providing us with the opportunity to attend mass alongside the Most Reverend Vincent Long Van Nguyen and to reflect on an incredibly powerful message. A special thanks to Mr Thrum for accompanying us to and from the Parish.

Jamielhea Bernardo
Year 12