2014 Australian Economics and Business Studies Competitions

Certificates are awarded in this competition in the Senior Division (Yr 12) and the Junior Division (Yr 11) at High Distinction, Distinction, Credit and Participation levels. 

At the Year 12 Graduation Ceremony in September, certificates were awarded to students who competed in the Senior Division.  The following certificates were awarded:

Australian Economics Competition

Senior Division – all students received a certificate of participation.
Eric Atienza
Danny Cetinic
Emilio Espineda
Renaldy Janto
Jillian Manalo
Niko Roqueza
Nico Soon
Osei Tutu
Certificates in the Junior Division were awarded to the following Year 11 students at the Senior Campus Assembly on Friday 10th October:                

Junior Division

Silan Feraset  -  Credit
Ferdian Wijaya  -  Participation
Dustin Jusay  -  Participation        

Australian Business Studies Competition

Senior Division
Lysander Aquino  -  Participation
Emilio Espineda  -  Participation
Renaldy Janto  -  Participation
Vanessa Lansangan  -  Participation
Jillian Manalo  -  Credit
Stephanie Mulholland  -  Credit
Layla Navarro  -  Participation
Niko Roqueza  -  Participation
Nico Soon  -  Credit
Ma Suarez  -  Participation
Osei Tutu  -  Participation
Madeline Villano  -  Participation
Certificates were awarded in the Junior Division also at the Senior Campus Assembly on Friday 10th October.

Junior Division
Scott Hall  -  Distinction
Antonella Zaki  -  Credit
Ferdian Wijaya  -  Credit
Piyush Sayal  -  Credit
Alden Sangalang  -  Credit
Shaurya Issar  -  Credit
Kristen Hombre  -  Credit
Luke Colubriale  -  Credit
Joanna Chapko  -  Credit
Robin Roqueza  -  Participation
Josely Latore  -  Participation
Dustin Jusay  -  Participation
Nicole Cadelina  -  Participation
Erik Abella  -  Participation

Congratulations to all those students who participated in the competitions.