2015 CSDA Debating Competition

Debating Finalist 9A

Over the past three terms, St Andrews College has been competing in the 2015 CSDA Debating Competition. It has been a phenomenal season with our debaters going above and beyond by giving up their Friday nights to travel to different schools across Sydney to compete in each round of the competition.

Debating uses the skills of argument to debate and discuss important issues about our beliefs, government policies and proposals on how to improve the world or face up to problems in society. Debating builds a unique set of skills, helping students to analyse problems, think critically, synthesise arguments and present these ideas in a clear and convincing manner. Most importantly, it is a fun and enjoyable experience for all students involved!

Our debaters have shown tremendous skill and dedication throughout the competition and they are all to be commended on a wonderful season of debating.

The 2015 Debating Teams consisted of the following students:

7A – Shreya Bhaskar, Cinthia Thind, Jerica Cabanit

7B – Anok Angok, Sonali Singh, Rachel Khalil

8A – Ebony O’Connor, Sarah Wonson, Jordan Williams-Reynolds

8B – Abigail Danao, Riddhi Gupta, Mickaella Douglas

9A – Larissa Isakov, Jan Vallar, Nupur Mackinaw

9B – Jamie Bernado, Nathanael Chilcott, Nicholas Menouhos

10A – Jonathan Koong, Abbygale Garcia, Mikie Mouxouris, Nicholas Carroll

10B – Ysabelle Garcia, Christian Falconer, Joel Mathias, Simranjit Singh

11 – Marc Isakov, Khang Nguyen, Thomas San Pedro, Anthony Perera, Erin Gray, Emma Mullholland

Senior Opens – Al Fernando Altobano, Jonathan Cabanit, Scott Hall, Jason Depamaylo

Every single team debated to the best of their ability and it was fantastic to see them all improve each week. It was a very successful season for the College with the 8B, 9A and Year 11 Debating teams making it through to the Elimination rounds. Our 9A team also won their Quarterfinal round and finished the competition as Semi-Finalists, which is an amazing and hard-earned achievement.

During the season St Andrews College hosted three rounds of the debating competition and it was amazing to see so many students volunteer their time to act as chairpersons and timekeepers. Thank you so much to every single student who was involved and offered their assistance – particularly those students who helped out all three times! Also I would like to thank Mr Javier Araujo and his Hospitality students for providing the catering for each of these rounds.

St Andrews College would not be able to enter the Debating competition if it wasn’t for the wonderful staff at the College who gave up their time each week to support the students. Firstly I would like to thank the teachers who came to show their support throughout many rounds; Miss Andrea Mansfield, Mr Nathan Weaver, Mr John Morrissey and Ms Mary Lipec, the students greatly appreciate having you there to support them in the audience.

I would also like to thank Mr Andrew Kuchappan who volunteered to adjudicate some debates which is an integral part of the debating process. Another integral part of the debating process and a part that the students most value is the time that staff members have taken to coach teams throughout the season and act as a source of support and guidance. I would like to thank Miss Jessica Bisazza for coaching the Year 7 teams, Mrs Anita Weaver for coaching the 8B team and Mrs Frances Kramer for coaching the 9A team. I would like to especially mention Mr Travis Kolek who not only coached the senior teams but also adjudicated debates and drove students in the school bus to all the venues around Sydney each week.  Another special mention goes to Miss Lyndal Simmonds who not only coached the Year 10 teams but also provided all debating teams with weekly seminars in order to refine their skills.  Finally, I would like to thank Mr Vidot for his continuous support of the Debating Competition; all teams appreciate and value his support and guidance across the season.

Thank you once again to all students, staff members and parents for your support of the 2015 CSDA Debating Competition. It has been a wonderful season and I am immensely proud of the entire St Andrews College community.