Japan Study Tour Report by Andrew Santoso

Japan Study Tour Report  by Andrew Santoso

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The Japan Study Tour was one of the best experiences of my life so far, being able to travel to a different country and experience firsthand the school life in Japan and experience the Japanese culture amongst its people. The study tour was an amazing experience especially when surrounded by fantastic friends and wonderful teachers to guide us through this once in a lifetime opportunity. Throughout this tour we had the opportunity to visit various and different places in Japan and try the local food that Japan had to offer.

The trip started off by flying to Fukuoka from Hong Kong where we commenced our journey and had our first taste of Japan. On our first day we enjoyed the scenery and the experiences Japan had to offer. However the real adventure began with our homestay families in Isahaya. We attended Isahaya High School and learned about school life for Japanese teenagers and about their experiences by comparing it to Australia. This would have to be the high point of the tour.

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Being immersed into the Japanese high school experience showed us a vast range of differences found between the two different cultures and enabled us to better understand the experiences faced by the Japanese students. To experience Japanese school life was a tremendous opportunity which the tour provided and it was a magnificent once in a lifetime opportunity.

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Furthermore living with a Japanese host family was also a great experience as it showed the intricate and minute aspects in life only seen by living with a Japanese family. Being able to enjoy Japan by eating with the host family and living with them, made this trip truly enjoyable and memorable.

This trip was topped off with a visit to the famous tourist attractions and experiences such as visiting Shinto shrines, castles, riding the bullet train and visiting the Universal Studios Japan! Overall this tour was a great success and everyone enjoyed themselves and experienced many new things. The memories will stay with us forever!