Vinnes Valentines Day Roses

Senior Campus

Senior Campus Roses

It was not only a day to show care and appreciation towards friends or loved ones, but also an opportunity to support the St Vincent de Paul Society and the community. Throughout the week leading up to Valentines Day, the Vinnies Executive Committee sold roses that were delivered to students of the College on Friday, the 13th of February. The Junior and Senior Campuses, together, sold over 400 roses and raised over $1,000 in profit. This money goes towards providing assistance to people in our community through the St Vincent de Paul Society.

Members of the Vinnies Executive Committee sold roses during lunchtime of Week 3 for $4 a single rose or $10 for three. Along with the flower, students were able to write messages to their recipient on paper hearts. The roses were prepared, sorted, and organised on Thursday evening to be delivered during Learning Group on Friday morning. The money raised can be used to improve a person’s livelihood by providing them accommodation, safety or opportunities of employment.

Jennifer Nieto
Committee Member

Junior Campus

Junior Campus Roses

Every year on Valentines Day, Vinnies Group holds its first campaign for the year – Valentines Day Roses. It is a fun and successful way to fundraise money for the St Vincent de Paul Society. The new Vinnies Group for 2015 began advertising for the event by putting posters up around the school and visiting all the Learning Groups during Pastoral Care to provide information and encourage students to buy a rose for all their friends and loved ones to raise money for charity.

Roses were sold from Monday to Wednesday in B5 during lunchtime in Week 3. Each student who purchased a rose could write a message to their Valentine, either making it anonymous, or signing their name if they wanted. The selling process was a very stressful and exciting time for the Vinnies Group. All of us had a job including money handling, providing hearts, crowd control and checking and organising the hearts as they came in. It took a lot of work but eventually we had all the hearts collated into Year Groups and Houses. After three days of selling roses, the Vinnies team were informed that we managed to sell whopping 430 Roses for Valentines Day.

On Thursday during sport time the roses arrived at the Junior Campus ready to attach the messages and organise. We had a big task ahead of us, with 430 roses to organise before Friday morning. About 20 members of the Vinnies team stayed back to help Mrs Bradford organise the roses. We were in B2 where we had different stations set up for the preparation of the roses. At station one were the de-thorners- Alyana, James and Bailey. Our job was to remove the thorns from the roses so no one cut themselves when they received them. At station two Abbygale, Ysabelle, Janelle and Chantelle filled small plastic tubes with water and placed the roses in them so they wouldn’t whither overnight. At station three Bridget and Isla were responsible for placing the roses into the plastic Valentines Day sleeves. At station four Isis and Rhia cut out the hearts with the messages and at station five we had Angela, Ciara and Daniella attaching the messages to the roses in the sleeves with red ribbon. Luckily we had Mrs Bradford there to guide us in this process and even run out to order more roses when we ran out!

We easily lost track of time and were soon buried in roses that still needed to be organised into Houses, then into Learning Groups. Some students thankfully were able to stay back after school and continue getting the roses ready. After two and a half hours of organising roses, we were finally finished… with 430 roses tied into bundles and placed into buckets ready to deliver on Friday morning, we were satisfied.

On Friday morning all 430 roses were lovingly delivered to their designated Learning Groups. We are proud to say that the 2015 ‘Vinnies Roses’ program was a great success as we managed to raise a total of $1000 across both campuses. We thank all students and teachers who supported the Vinnies team in raising money for St Vincent de Paul Society and we look forward to many more campaigns throughout the year.

Bailey Gravina
Year 10